Monday, 4 September 2017

While In London I Wanted The Best Online Casino UK With Casino Live Games. This Is what I Did.

Online Casino UK With Casino Live Games:

For my work, I had to be in the United Kingdom for a while. A few weeks London they said. I am a software engineer and they needed me to do some important updates to a few clients of the IT corporation I work for. Just week or two, three most. Well, something went wrong, didn't it? It is not 4 months later, and I am still in London. I do go back home during the weekends, but well, 3 weeks are now more than 4 months. And, what do you do during the long and boring evenings? I normally would go out for a few games with a few friends of mine. 

We always play blackjack in Holland Casino, and at times, I enjoy some of the other casino games too. I am someone who likes to gamble in general I guess. You could even find me on the slot machines ever so once in a while. In between the grandma's you'll see me pulling the one armed bandits. They are a great rush. I mean the slot machines. The grandma's, although mostly always friendly, are too focused on their slots games.

Help.. I Need To Know What Is The Best UK Online Casino:

Anyways, back from my daydreaming, I am still stuck in London. And, I want to gamble. So, I decided to instead go visit a real casino in London, I'd search for UK Online Casinos and see if I could find me one where I could simply sign up, deposit a few hundreds and start playing some cool blackjack games.

I ended up finding a website called 24hr Online casinos and on it I found a collection of some of the best online casinos accepting UK casino players. Although I am Dutch, I am now staying in the UK, so therefor, I needed a UK Online casino, see? Anyways, some of my friends play online casino games too, and so I contacted them to see what online casino I could choose best.

After about 30 minutes on the phone to Edward, who is a real close friend of mine, and also works for the same corporation as I do, advised me to check out three of the online casinos he saw on 24hr online casinos UK casino edition. He himself plays quite a lot, as in every evening, and his three favourite online casinos are Dr Vegas Casino, which by the way is the featured UK online casino on the 24hr site. Second he mentioned 32Red casino. Third on his list was Mr Green casino.

Dr Vegas Casino has a nice look for a UK Online Casino!


Since I liked the name 'Dr Vegas casino' a lot, I went and checked them out. Dr Vegas casino looks awesome. I like the fact that I can get a welcome bonus package of up to £2,200 on top of my deposits. And, they have exclusive Dr Vegas slots! Whatever happens, this amazing Dr Vegas casino bonus I will try. 

That is quite a bit of extra money to play with. And, besides regular blackjack game versions, they seem to offer live dealer blackjack as well. Now, that is exciting! I'll get me some room service, some drinks and see what I can do with that much extra cash. Although, with this bonus I can only play slots.. I'll spin till I drop and see how much I can win. That'll keep me entertained for hours to come.

Right now, I am about to sign up as a new player and get me that fine fat bonus to play with. Edward said they are one of the best Microgaming casinos out there, but they feature many other casino software providers too, including their own Dr Vegas slots. I'll play their slots first. And, once I am done with the bonus, I'll probably end up playing some live dealer blackjack. I've got tomorrow off. So, I have a long night ahead of me.

Care to join me? Sign up too and become a player in Dr Vegas Casino, apparently the best UK online casino, famous even for it in Holland. And, that says a lot. Join me at the slots and / or tables!

If you don't want to deposit any money to begin with, I just found out that they offer a £10 no deposit required welcome bonus too. On top, you'll get some 20 or so free spins too. I'm going to deposit but, why not make use of this free offer too? That is exactly what I'm about to do right now.

Dr Vegas, here I come!!